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Beast Stars Guide

Posted on January 6, 2017  in Gaming

Welcome to the Beast Stars guide! I will be providing you details on this amazing activity. The encounter is made after the achievements of Monster Town. The paintings and reproduction action is very identical.

The only thing that they included more was the PvP part. The creatures in the activity have unique capabilities and different strikes at your convenience. Monster Town did not have that, so it was a awesome inclusion.


There are 8 primary components in the activity. They are flame, h2o, world, power, characteristics, black, miracle and mild. Each factor is has its durability and weak point.

Fire is highly effective against Nature
Nature is excellent against Magic
Magic is highly effective vs Light
Light is excellent against Dark
Dark is excellent vs Earth
Earth is excellent vs Electric
Electric is excellent against Water
Water is highly effective vs Fire

This is the primary factor weak point that can be utilized to your benefits when battling in the monster field or PvP.


For reproduction, you have to type the different components to get the best creatures in the activity. The creatures are arranged into the following categories:

Typical – The most primary creatures such as Firesaur, Treezard etc.
Unusual – Compounds of the most popular creatures.
Unusual – These are more complicated to acquire than uncommon ones.
Impressive – These can only be type using rare creatures.
Famous – The most highly effective of them all. These can only be gotten reproduction epic creatures.

The legendary creatures take a while to get as the reproduction time can get quite unbelievable. The reproduction here we are at them is right about 2 times. So, if you occur to have that, then you know you have efficiently meticulously a highly effective one!


Each factor has their own environment. Multiple creatures can remain in their specific factor environments provided that they have that factor. For example, a Greenasaur has a feature of Fire and Nature. Normally, it can remain in either the Fire or Nature environment.

Earning Gold

Each monster has an making prospective. Based on the type of monster type you have, the silver you generate per moment can differ. The making prospective for the monster is identified by type:

Legendary > Impressive > Unusual > Unusual > Common

You will want to get many Legendaries as you can to improve your silver earnings.

Earning Food

You can get meals by developing meals plants. These will offer the meals you need to stage up your creatures. When you get to greater stages, the quantity of meals required will get greater and greater. You can prevent using providing them too much excellent by battling in the sport map so that they can get encounter to stage up.